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No$GBA <-> VBA File Format Converter

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This program automatically converts files from No$GBA to VBA (game-boy emulators) and back again.
Current Version # 3.1b
This file converter quicky converts between the battery file types of the different emulators. (Battery files are the in-game saves of your games, ie: Saving as if you were actually playing on a GameBoy) It can also be used to port the no$gba battery file to a flash card. This will let you run No$Gba .sav files in your Visual Boy Advanced so you can port your games over, or even with a bit of skill and luck, port your battery files over to your gameboy advance!
Some new updates have been made to the software, and it has been re-uploaded. It now has increased error checking, and a smoother feeling to it. Its also easier for new users to use, and the readme.txt has been updated as well.
Again, we switch hosts! But this time it should remain permanent. All the old URLS still fast-refresh users to this location, but please update your bookmarks to the new file location. Minor overhaul on the site today.
Quick Instructions :
Better detailed instructions are available here.
1. Download Converter software and install into any folder.
2. Run the program, Click on "Config"
3. Set the PATH in the config options to your No$GBA\Battery directory then press SAVE.
4. Now you can click on the change No$GBA.INI button.
5. Click on the Run No$GBA.EXE and re-save your game from inside the game! Using the games normal save-slots.
6. Convert the saved file.
[ This uncompresses the file using No$GBA advance, Allowing this program to convert the file. ]
If all else fails, please read the help file for installation instructions, check the FAQ or post on the message board. And remember the program backs up EVERYTHING, saving the origional files to the .BAK extension. Simply rename the file back to a .SAV file and your good to go!
ie: File -> Emerald.BAK
Rename To -> Emerald.SAV
kermed [at] gmail [dot] com 
updated jan.24.08

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